ABC Mouse and Amazon Fire Kids Edition Review for toddlers

Educating My Wild Child: Amazon Fire Kids Tablet and ABC Mouse

Can we just keep our littles little forever? Even though she is only 18 months old, it seems like my oldest is growing up so fast. We are already potty training because she hates her diaper, her vocabulary impresses me daily, and the rate that she is growing out of her clothes makes me sad. But, while I do wish I could keep her little, I very much enjoy watching her grow.

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ABC Mouse

I’ve been seeing the commercials for ABC Mouse for a while now, but just recently signed up for the 30-Day Free Trial because of where Finley is at in her development. She is a very inquisitive child, who loves learning. We’ve been giving her discovery items, taking her on nature walks and to museums, and reading to her, all since she was very little. But, she is constantly looking for more to grow her mind with, and since we live in a very digital age, I decided ABC Mouse would be a good option for her.

ABC Mouse is an online educational program that is focuses on educational development. They do say age 2 and up on the website, but we have had great success keeping Finley interested in the program. She loves most the songs and coloring activities it has to offer, and I like that I can do it along with her.

Amazon Fire Kids Edition

We started out doing the program on my laptop, but, as they say, “though she be but little, she is fierce.” My daughter can be extremely destructive when she wants to be. She is at the stage where she is testing limits and will go from giving kisses to slapping you in the face in an instant, which had my fearing for the well being of my laptop. So, we got her an Amazon Fire Kids Edition.

ABC Mouse and Amazon Fire Kids Edition Review for toddlers

I know there are probably people reading this who are freaking out that I got my 18 month old a tablet, and I totally get it. I always said I would never get my kids electronics at a young age. The idea of my kids being addicted to technology is terrifying to me. But, here’s the thing, we live in a digital age and to keep her from technology would hinder her. Plus, it’s not her tablet, it’s mine, and Amazon made it so easy to control when and how your child is using it.

The tablet has a password protected parent account that allows you to manage usage limits and content access, such as blocking videos and games until educational targets are met. The tablet includes a year of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited at no additional cost. While using FreeTime, your kids do not have access to social media, the internet, or in-app purchases. Plus, you can create up to four different child profiles and personalize them to each child’s needs.

One of my favorite things about the tablet is the case. Each Fire Kids Edition tablet comes with a Kid-Proof Case and a 2-year worry-free guarantee. My daughter, since opening the box only a few days ago, has chucked the tablet at the floor and wall multiple times, sat on it, tried to use it with her feet, and dripped her milk on it. This case is wonderful! It is extremely durable and super light, and it comes in cute colors.


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Educating my Wild Child: Amazon Fire Kids Edition and ABC Mouse Review

Have any of you mamas used the Fire Kids Edition? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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2 thoughts on “Educating My Wild Child: Amazon Fire Kids Tablet and ABC Mouse”

  1. Not a mama but a dad to an amazing 7 year old. We started her on her first fire tablet about age 4 and possibly younger.

    It has been good for us and for her.

    I especially like that we, as parents, have control over what our children can access.

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