Motherhood Must Haves: Favorite products from a mom of 2 under 2. Perfect baby shower gift guide. Ezpz mat makes meal time easier.

Motherhood Must Haves: Favorite Products From A Mom Of 2 Under 2

“But, why did you have them so close together.”

Every time I think of my grandma’s reaction to my second pregnancy it makes me laugh. But, we are now in the third month of our 2 under 2 journey and I can definitely see where her concern was coming from. My firstborn is a spitfire and is currently in her “testing” stage. My second smiles more than any baby I’ve ever met, but she has been so demanding since day one. And while I love them both dearly, they are highly exhausting.

Throughout this journey I have tried many different products. Like, sooooo many products. So, when I find a product that truly makes my mom life a bit easier, I get excited and want to share it with the world. Enjoy 🙂

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Motherhood Must Haves:

Playpen: I seriously don’t know how I would get anything done without this thing. Finley tries to get into something the second I turn my back to her. This allows my to stick her in a confined space while I’m cooking, tending to Loxley, or trying to drink my morning coffee. I will say that this is best for babies under 18 months. Since Fin is older now she has learned how to climb out of it, so she requires a bit more supervision when in the pen. 

Boba Wrap: So, I only used this for about the first 2 months with each of my girls before switching them over to the baby carrier, but oh did I use this! My tiny newborns went everywhere with me. If they weren’t in a swing you could more than likely find them attached to me with a Boba wrap. This wrap is so comfortable and easy to use. It also looks almost like a shirt once you have it on and is machine wash friendly.

Baby Carrier: Speaking of the baby carriers…this saved me so much time, sanity, and body ache. My youngest loves to be carried around, especially when she’s feeling gassy. Carrying a newborn around when you have an 18 month old running through the house or clinging to your leg is not an easy task. This gave me the free hands I needed to take care of both of my girls to the best of my ability. The Babble Out has great tips for picking out the best carrier for your needs. Since I am currently in the market for a new carrier, I’m thinking of trying out this one, based on their recommendation.

Ezpz Mat: I am so in love with this mat. Finley can’t sit down to a meal without chucking her bowl or plate across the room 2 minutes in. This mat perfectly suctions itself to the surface she is eating on. Can she still throw food? Well, yes. But she can’t throw the entire dish and that makes me happy.

Motherhood Must Have Products: Happy Mat from ezpz

Graco High Chair: This chair made my life so much easier. I has multiple settings that allow you to tip it back and lower it. It also has a button on the front of the tray to allow for one-handed removal.

Swing: Both of my daughters really enjoyed this swing during their first few months on Earth. It’s where they slept most of the day and we always kept it in the living room so I could have easy access to them while doing other household things.

Rocking Sleeper: We used this in place of a bassinet for both girls. I love the rocking and sound features on it. I also love that it fits perfectly next to my bed, so I could sleep a bit easier knowing my babies were close by.

TerraGreens: My daughter is currently in a phase where she wont eat anything that isn’t in liquid form, unless it’s yogurt. Most of the day she drinks water with some milk thrown in here and there, but this product has helped me make sure she is getting the nutrients she needs without me having to constantly fight her about it.

Motherhood Must Have Items: Natursutten Pacifier

Natursutten Pacifier: This is the only pacifier that Loxley would use. I could tell from the beginning that she was a pacifier baby. I tried so many different kinds, but this is the only one she really enjoyed.

Pacifier Clip: I love pretty things that are useful, and this falls into that category for sure. This pacifier clip is so cute and soft. I don’t know about you, but I hate having to constantly pick a chupee off the floor and clean in off. This is definitely a must have item for me.

Baby Gate: We have pretty wide stairways, so it was hard for use to find a baby gate that would fit. I really like that this one has extensions, and it has a swinging door.

Graco 4Ever Car Seat: This car seat is truly wonderful. Finley has used it since the day she came home and it’s been nothing but amazing. It is so easy to take apart for cleaning. The setting are also really simple to change has your child grows. I will say that that only difficulty we had is that this is NOT an infant carrier. This car set stays in the car. So, if you want the ability to carry your newborn around in the car seat, I recommend getting a newborn car seat and then using this one later on. 

Motherhood Must Haves: Baby Bloom Bath Flower

Bloom Flower: I really love this product. I use this for bathing both of my girls in the sink. It makes it easy for them to comfortably move around without them touching the hard surface. Care is simple too. I just throw it on the spin and drain cycle of my washing machine after use.


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