December 2016 Blog Income report + Goals for January

December 2016 Blog Income Report

Okay guys, this is my very first income report. This is something I promised myself I would do each month as soon as I decided to monetize my blog. I plan to give you all a detailed income report each month containing exactly how much I made and how I did that. These income reports …

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DIY Whipped Belly Cream for stretch marks during pregnancy.
DIY Wellness

DIY: Whipped Belly Cream

I’m officially nearing the end of my second trimester with baby #2. And while I actually don’t mind the stretch marks on my tummy from my first pregnancy (I actually like them), I wasn’t too fond of the discomfort that came with them and I don’t really want more. I remember the tight, dry feeling …

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Lifestyle Wellness

21 Day Self-Care Challenge

This past year was aΒ year of transformation for me. I became a mom, started a business, and started believing in myself and my capabilities. Throughout that time, the one consistent lesson I kept learning is how crucial self-care is for our well-being and success. The problem is, I’m not very good at remembering to do …

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