December 2016 Blog Income report + Goals for January

December 2016 Blog Income Report

Okay guys, this is my very first income report. This is something I promised myself I would do each month as soon as I decided to monetize my blog. I plan to give you all a detailed income report each month containing exactly how much I made and how I did that. These income reports will contain revenue that has come directly from this blog.

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December Blogging Income Report Highlights

Top post of the month: 21 Books To Read This Winter

Traffic: 983 – I almost hit 1000 page views in my first month of blogging, which actually makes me very happy since I was expecting closer to 10.

I also started a twitter account, set up my email list, and did my first link up this month. I know these are small wins, but they seem so huge to me at the moment 🙂


Total Income for December 2016

Adsense: $0 (Technically I made $0.07 from this, but they don’t pay out until you hit the $100 threshold, so it doesn’t count.)

Viglink: $0

Amazon Associates: $0


Total Expenses for December 2016

Hosting: $12.95

Photoshop: $10.95

Tailwind: $0

Photos & Graphics: $7

Advertising: $15



So, this is actually what I expected from this month. My goals for December were blog set-up, research & education, and social media expansion. I didn’t even get my Adsense and Amazon Associate accounts set up until half way through the month. I’ve been doing a lot of research on blog traffic, monetization, and social media this month and I plan on implementing quite a bit of that knowledge into January’s plan.


Goals For January

Social Media

Instagram:1500 Followers

Facebook: 200 Page Likes

Pinterest: 1000 Followers

Twitter: 300 Followers

Page Views: 200 per day


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