My 20 most used diffuser blends for essential oils
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My 20 Most Used Diffuser Blends

When I first started using essential oils I stuck to the the simplest blends when it came to diffusing. I would put in Lemon and Wild Orange to freshen the air, Lavender for sleep and calming, and On Guard for any other occasion. As time went on I began experimenting more with my diffuser and blending. I still love the simple stuff from time to time, but I have come up with some combinations that I truly love and diffuse weekly.

My Top 20 Diffuser Blends

Old Book Store

2 drops Aborvitae
2 drops Patchouli
1 drop Clary Sage

Morning Wake Up Call

2 drops Citrus Bliss
2 Drops Peppermint
1 drop Rosemary

Sweet Dreams

2 drops Serenity
2 drops Juniper Berry
1 drop Cedarwood

Breathe Easy

2 drops Breathe
2 drops Lime

Morning Dew

3 drops White Fir
3 Drops Bergamot
1 Drop Douglas Fir

Creative Flow

2 drop doTERRA Passion
2 drops Tangerine
2 Drops Lime

Keep The Beast At Bay (aka Angry mommy blend)

2 drops doTERRA Peace
2 drops doTERRA Balance

Beat the Stink

2 Drops Purify
2 Drops Grapefruit


2 Drops Sandalwood
2 Drops Tangerine


3 Drops White Fir
3 Drops Grapefruit
1 Drops Citrus Bliss

Outdoor Bliss

3 Drops Cedarwood
2 Drops Citrus Bliss
2 Drops Juniper Berry

Cozy Rain

2 Drops Vetiver
2 Drops Grapefruit
1 Drop Cinnamon

Lavender Mint

4 Drops Lavender
2 Drops Peppermint
2 Drops Spearmint

PNW Life

2 Drops Aborvitae
3 Drops Lavender
3 Drops Cedarwood
2 Drops Lemon

Juicy Fruit

3 Drops doTERRA Cheer
2 Drops Grapefruit

Happy Smells

2 Drops Lime
2 Drops Grapefruit
1 Drop Ylang Ylang

Sweet Spring

4 Drops Orange
3 Drops Lemongrass
2 Drops Ylang Ylang

Forest Bliss

3 Drops Cypress
2 Drops Eucalyptus
2 Drops Citrus Bliss


2 Drops Frankincense
2 Drops Roman Chamomile
2 Drops Sandalwood
1 Drop Rosemary
1 Drop Orange

Floral Sunset

1 Drop Geranium
2 Drops Clary Sage
2 Drops Orange
1 Drop Grapefruit


Click here to find out more about the essential oils I use. 

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