Inspired DIY: Rose Marbled Pumpkins

Inspired DIY: Rose Marbled Pumpkins

As you may know by now, I kind of have a thing for rose. Dusty rose, rose gold, shimmery rose. I love them all. When I started getting excited for fall and the Halloween season, one of the first thing to come to mind was pumpkin decorating.

I came across this post on Pinterest and immediately fell in love. I thought, “this is simple, beautiful, and fun.” So, I picked up some faux pumpkins from target and put my own spin on things.

Marbled Rose Pumpkins


rose nail polish
stir stick (I used a straw)
wax paper or parchment paper
glass bowl large enough to fit pumpkin
faux or real pumpkins


1. Fill a plastic container 3/4 full with lukewarm water. You will want to make sure the water is lukewarm because cold water will cause the polish in sink.
2.Add rose gold nail polish.

3. Use a stir stick to gently stir the nail polish on top of the water.
4. Dip the pumpkin in the water and spin a bit.
5. Remove the pumpkin from the water and dry on wax paper. Flip pumpkin after 20 mins to dry on the other side.

Inspired DIY: Rose Marbled Pumpkins

Inspired DIY: Rose Marbled Pumpkins


These marbled rose gold pumpkins make such a beautiful addition to our fall decor. Plus, because they are faux pumpkins, they can be saved for use next year.


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Inspired DIY: Rose Marbled Pumpkins

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