Awakening and Embracing your inner witch

Witch, Please!

The word witch may take you by surprise. Maybe it even makes you uncomfortable. And you’re not alone. It is a word with a harsh history, full of judgement, prejudice, and persecution… but then again, so is the word woman.

If you’re like me, you’ve publicly avoided the word, but internally felt empowered by it. You’ve socially embraced words like writer, poet, intellectual, adventurer, intuitive, quirky, healer, wild, unique, and free spirit, but never witch.

If you’re like me, you’ve avoided the word witch to save yourself from having to explain your beliefs. To save your sanity. To save yourself from those in your life who are both religious and non-religious, but misunderstand the word.

If you’re like me, you’ve avoided the word witch because it’s easier. It’s easier than explaining, “no, I don’t worship the devil.” It’s easier than holding back an eye roll when broom and cauldron jokes are made. It’s easier than withholding your rage from feelings of judgement when you’re told “you need Jesus” or “you’re just lost.”

I can tell you now, that I’m over it. I’m tired of using avoidance to save others from discomfort. I’m tired of hiding to make my life easier.

I am a witch…

No, I don’t wear a pointy hat, dabble in dark magic, or dance with the devil in the woods.

Yes, I like herbs and crystals and oracle cards. I practice candle lighting, sage burning, and putting out “good vibes.” But those are just tools, and tools don’t make me a witch.

I am a witch because I am simply a woman who knows herself.

I am a woman who knows that health is not just physical, but mental, emotional, and spiritual. I am a woman who has learned to deepen my roots, trust my intuition, and move with the cycle of the seasons. I have learned to tune into natural rhythms and except change like the phases of the moon. I have learned to embrace both the feminine and the masculine.

I am a woman among women. I have learned to embrace sisterhood and learned the importance of community.

I have learned to find and embrace my own way, not someone else’s. I have learned to create my own practice, sacred space, and Book of Shadows … and that those things aren’t what you think they are.

I was not born a witch, but she was always somewhere deep inside of me. I just had to become her.


Do you identify as a witch? I’d love to hear from you!  

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