15 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Ages 2 and Under

15 Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Ages 2 and Under

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For as long as I can remember I have always loved stockings. I’ve loved not only opening them, but filling them as well. For the period of time that my mom was a single parent I remember making little crafts during the holidays to fill up her stocking come Christmas morning, and that traditions continues still today.

Since I now have, not one, but two littles of my own, I’ve really been thinking about stocking stuffers this year. I try to always gives gifts that have meaning, which can be hard with kids so young.

So what do you put in an infant or toddler stocking?

Well the options are actually endless, and they don’t have to be expensive. My advice? Invest in Amazon Prime and shop small.

Amazon can make life so much  easier, especially if you wait until the last minute. Two-day shipping guys! Plus they have tons of options to choice from that I could make a list entirely from Amazon.

Don’t let the let the big stores take all of your business though. Support your small and local businesses too. There are some great Black Friday deals coming up that can help keep prices down. Plus, many small businesses hand-make their products, which means that gift is unique and personal.

15 Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Ages 2 and Under

TwistShake Cups and Bottles: My daughter loves her sippy cups. She has her favorites and will pick out which one she wants each time. TwistShake is always sending out deals in their newsletter, so make sure to sign up so you don’t miss out. Also, check #twistshake on Instagram for some coupon codes you can use.

Rattle and Sensory Toy: Finley and Loxley both love this toy. It gives them so much to look at and is easy for their little hands to hold on to.

Brixton Pheonix Camera Teether

Camera Teether: This shop makes the best trendy, yet functional teethers. The camera style is our personal favorite, but really you would love any of them. Use code FINELY10 to save 10% on your order.

Wooden State Rattles: These rattles are super cute and personalized to your little one. You could get it of the state you live in or the state they were born in.

Play Doh Party Pack: This does say it’s for 2 and up, my oldest has been playing with Play Doh since about eighteen months old, so this is a personal choice you would have to make. I think this is such a great stocking stuffer though. Play doh is a wonderful sensory toy and it helps develop creativity and a love for art.

Bandana Bibs: These are so stylish and functional. I use bibs for teething, spit-up, and feeding, so they will function for any tot. Use code FINLEY10 to save on your order and check out the rest of the site for some great Christmas ideas.

Fisher-Price Rattle: This is another simple rattle that both of my girls have used and loved. It’s one of those basics that any baby would love.

Toddler Toothpaste & Brushes: I don’t know about you, but it has always been a tradition for us to get a new toothbrush in our stocking. I was just one of those filler items, but it was always expected. Finley loves to brush her teeth, so it’s something that would actually be really exciting for her to receive.

Band-Aids: Kids love band-aids. Any cut, scrape, or bump and my oldest is telling me, “oils” and “ban-aid.” You can easily pick these up at your local Target, or get them from Amazon as an add-on item.

ezpz Mini Mat: We love our ezpz mat. Finley has to have it at every meal and calls it her “piece.” This year I plan I getting her an ezpz mini for her stocking. It can easily me rolled up to fit in her stocking and is designed for travel. This will be perfect for going out to restaurants or traveling to visit family. Check them out on Shark Tank, here.

Motherhood Must Haves: Favorite products from a mom of 2 under 2. Perfect baby shower gift guide. Ezpz mat makes meal time easier.

Slumberkins: I’ve been obsessing over these dolls for the past few day and we are definitely adding them to our shopping list. These doll are super soft and cuddly and they are designed to promote life skill and support kids emotionally with things like self-esteem and coping with change.

Stickers: Stickers are such an easy gift and all kids love them. My daughter will sit still for a good 10 minutes (which is extremely rare for her), if I give her a sheet of stickers and some paper.

Crayola Color Wonder: Like many children, my daughter gravitates toward everything but paper when I give her something to color with. The color wonder markers are clear unless used on the provided paper, so even we she does color on the walls, it doesn’t leave a mark (we know this from experience.) This is a great idea for a non-stocking stuffer gift too.

Puffs: I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love these puffs. They are snack friendly for most tots in this age range and are a great alternative to candy.

Bath Markers: I love any gift that can keep my children entertained and promote creativity. Plus, it’s a way of keeping the mess contained in a space that is easily cleaned. Kid win and mom win.

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15 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Ages 2 and Under

What are your stocking must haves? Do you have any ideas that aren’t listed here. I’d love to hear them in the comments.



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