Small Shop Round-Up

With the biggest shopping event of the year coming up, I wanted to gather some links for you all to make shopping small easier.

I love shopping from big stores. At least twice a week you will find me at Target, I shop Amazon weekly, and I love the mall. Shopping small is so important to me though. The small shop community is truly incredible and so much hard work and love gets put into these items, usually by a single person. I’ve had the pleasure of connecting with many of these wonderful people. The women, men, and families behind these small shops are so personable and supportive. They are the designer, marketing team, accountant, inventory management, and customer service all in one. They put their all into their business, giving us products and services to enhance our lives, express ourselves, or make us feel more luxurious. They give more than we realize, so I feel like it’s important to give back.

Here is a list of small shops that I personally follow. I love their work and have either ordered or plan to order from each one of them. Check out our “Where We Rep” page for shops that we have personally worked with and discounts.

Small Shop Round-Up

Knot Sew Photogenic
Mama Bird & Co
Tenth & Pine
AstroBarn Designs
Moots Clothing
Clarity N Co
Cyprium Jewelry
Cutting Edge Design Co
Fitch and Stitch
Lorenza Pari
Wild and Free People
Jumping Jack
Stone and Violet
Root and Petal
Owl and Wallflower
Wild Sunshine Threads
Lilie and Lace Baby
Wild Card Co
Wild Bohemian Desert
Your Midwest Nest
Kobi and Roo
Moon and Mora
You and Me Littles
Meadows and Moss
Oily Raggs
Sparkles & Studs
Sew Sweet
Magnolia Roots Co
Love Bubby
Salty Little Bums
Territory Design
Wild Poppy Goods
Catherine Rising
Mother Sun 
Savage Seeds
Mint and Birch
Fin and Vince
The Bee and The Fox
Mae and Mum
Chewable Charm
Ellie and Rae
Tamed Wild
Clover and Birch
The Modern Robin
Pink Palms Boho Designs
Oak and Bloom
Magnolia Kids


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