Using powerful intention setting to create abundance within your life.
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Setting Powerful Intentions

About two years ago, after the birth of my first daughter, I started a small business venture with doTERRA. About a year after that, I started up my blog. I didn’t start seeing any momentum in either one of those until about three months ago.

So what changed?

Holistic health and blogging are both things that I am extremely passionate about. Passionate, but afraid. I would set “goals” for myself each month, spend hours prepping and planning, and then let it all fizzle out. I would “tell” myself that I was going to teach this many classes or write this many posts, and it would never get done.

I was self-sabotaging out of fear of failing by making up excuses for myself. I would say that I didn’t meet my goals because they were “unrealistic”, or that I didn’t have the time to work on anything because I’ve got my hands full with the girls, or that the Universe was simply working against me.

I started learning more about the Universe and realized that if it was “working against me” it was because of the negative vibes I was putting out there in the first place. I started working on changing my mindset but I was already deep set in my routines and I needed support.

I turned towards my holistic tools for guidance. During a sessions a journaling, one of my forms of mediation, I remembered reading somewhere about setting intentions. On a new page I wrote the words “today’s intentions’ at the top. I began listing the things I intended to do that day, everything from physical items to the mindset I wanted to keep throughout the day.

Intentions vs. Goals

I had listed out “goals” in the past, but this was different. Goals are what I wanted to achieve, but when writing my intentions I was telling myself what I was going to do.¬†Setting a powerful intention is like drawing a map of where you want to go. Not only do you have your destination, but you get see that path to take to get you there.

On top of that, intentions can’t be forced or fake. You have to believe in the intentions your setting. There have been many times that I’ve written down goals in the moment that I didn’t plan on meeting.


5 Tips For Setting Powerful Intentions
  1. Identify Your Intentions. Your intentions are going to come from within you. Make sure you are checking in with your body, mind, and spirit, and not just focusing on the physical.
  2. Find your sacred space. You are going to want to clear your mind before you start setting intentions. Most of the time your mind is caught up in different thoughts and emotions. You need to get away and enter a restful state of awareness. I have two kids under two, so I know that it’s not always easy to get away. I do have a space in my home that I keep all my tools and do a lot of my journaling or meditating in that space. For those times that I can’t get away though, I created a portable sacred space that I call my “little basket of magic.” I filled a small basket with some of my favorite holistic tools that can easily be carried around my home. So, on the days when the kids refuse to nap and are clinging to my leg, I can easily grab my basket and turn my kitchen into my sacred space.
  3. Create a ritual. Your ritual is going to be personal to you, but make it a ritual. I like to do meditative journaling before setting my yearly, monthly, and daily intentions. This helps ease me into that required restful state of awareness, allowing me to intuitively set my intentions. Whatever your ritual is, make sure you can connect with it. Don’t force yourself into a ritual just because it worked for someone else.
  4. Be clear, but flexible with your expectations. When setting you intentions try to be as specific as possible. What are you expecting? When do you want this to happen by? Where will this take place? Who will be there. Write this down as clearly as possible, but as you move ahead be flexible with the how and detach from the outcome.
  5. Trust that the Universe has your back. Like I said before, write down your intentions but then detach from the outcome. Staying attached to you intentions and your expectations of how things will work out will hold you back.Trust that the Universe is listening and allow everything to play out as it will.
Using A Guide Word To Set Intentions For The Year

With 2018 right around the corner, I’ve been working on my intentions for the year to come by establishing my guide word and creating a vision board around it. I first learned about guide words from this article, and this will be my second year using them.

Instead of making a list of goals, resolutions, or intentions, I choose a guide word instead. This word is meant to set the mood for your year. What is it that you really want to accomplish or create in 2018? Now take that and put it all into one word. That is your guide word.

For 2018 the word I’ve chosen is rise. This word has been calling to me for a couple months now, and with everything I wish to create in 2018 it absolutely fits.

Powerful Words to Use With Intention Setting

100 words for setting powerful intentions

I hope this post was helpful and you can start to use intention setting to stop working against yourself like I did. What is your guide word for 2018?


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Setting Powerful Intentions

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