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Did January feel extremely long to anyone else? We had quite a lot going on this month, which usually makes time feel like it is going by so quickly, but last month seemed to just drag on. I finally realized the other day that time wasn’t moving slow, it was just my rhythm that was off, or really that I had no rhythm at all.

For years now I have focused on attempting to create balance. Balance at work. Balance at home. Balance it my relationships. In the world we live in today things get stressful. As a new business owner and new mom of two things were and are stressful. I felt the need to attract balance in everything in my life because I needed things to feel easier than they were, but it wasn’t coming. I worked on mindset and being mindful. I practiced yoga and meditation. I used oils, crystals, and tarot. All of these tools had such an impact in different areas of my life that needed work, healing, and guidance, but not in the area that I was craving change in the most.

Sometime last week I was listening to a talk from Lindsy Lavelle of the Boss Babe Tribe where she said, balance isn’t possible for humans BECAUSE we are human; that we needed to create rhythm instead. That concept set something off in my brain, but it wasn’t until a few days later that it finally clicked.

Recently, I’ve been working on doing a headstand in my yoga routine. The handstand is a move that has always been hard for me and is a goal of mine for 2018, but being able to do a headstand is the first step. As I was upside down trying to find my balance, I realized my stomach muscles contracting, pulling my hips either forward or backward to keep my legs upright. My body was creating it’s own rhythm to handle the situation it was given.

I was expecting the tools and practices I was using and implementing to help create the perfect balance of what I could and couldn’t handle in a day, but that is not how life works. Life is messy and in constant motion. Even when things seem to be going steady there is always something in the works that is going to create of few bumps. I didn’t need to find balance, what I needed was to create rhythm.

Creating Rhythm

This past week I have been focusing on creating rhythm in my life. I adjusted my mindset to pull the focus away from the word balance. I’ve learned that instead of trying to adjust my kids to work around my schedule I need to adapt to their ever changing routine. I have learned to noticed the cues of overwhelm and adapt, for not only myself, but my little family as well.


Welcome to my little tribe, where balance doesn’t work but rhythm is necessary.


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