My 20 Most Used Diffuser Blends

My 20 most used diffuser blends for essential oils

When I first started using essential oils I stuck to the the simplest blends when it came to diffusing. I would put in Lemon and Wild Orange to freshen the air, Lavender for sleep and calming, and On Guard for any other occasion. As time went on I began experimenting more with my diffuser and […]

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Ultimate List Of Essential Oil Tools

Ultimate List of Essential Oil Tools

*This post contains affiliate links. When you first get started using essential oils it can be confusing and overwhelming. It’s hard to use your oils properly if you don’t have the right equipment and education, and figuring out what that equipment is can be a daunting task. After using essential oils for about a decade […]

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DIY: All-Natural Ant Spray

* This post may contain affiliate links.ย  Moving to Washington State has really been a dream come true for our family. The weather is perfect, moss grows everywhere, and there is so much to see and do. That being said, there was one thing we just weren’t prepared for…and it wasn’t the rain. Ants. Being […]

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DIY: Bergamot and Rosewater Toner

*This post may contain affiliateย links.ย  Have you ever heard of rosewater? I’ve been using it for a while now, but I’ve become extra obsessed with it lately. Pure rosewater is the by-product of rose essential oil production. Its use in skin care dates back to early Egypt, in the times of Cleopatra. This is a […]

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